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I enjoy reading books very much, because there are lots of interesting things in them.
Two years ago, I didn't like reading very much. I had plenty of time, but I spent lots of time on playing with computers. When I was very young, I didn't think reading book was interesting, because I found nothing more interesting than the computer games.
I've changed now. I enjoy reading novels, because there're lots of interesting stories. I love to read Harry Potter. That's a good novel. I know that it is one of the best-sellers in England. I'm always lose myself in the interesting stories. From joozone.com.
I hate the words like "to be continued" in a novel. That makes me very sad, because I don't know the end of the story. I also hate the words like "the end", because I want to read more. Some of my friends think that I'm strange.
Maybe you can find the interesting things in a book, so don't waste your time in the computers any more. If you read very much, you will get lots of knowledge.



第2篇:我最喜欢的电视节目(一) My Favorite TV Program(1)


第3篇:我为什么喜欢英语 Why I Like English

English is one of the main subjects in our education, it ranks as important as Chinese and math. English is my favorite subject, I learn so many interesting things. Other students always complain that English is so difficulty to learn, but learning English is a kind of joy of me.


The reason that I like English so much is that I can broaden my vision. Before I learned English, I only cared about the things in our country, I even refused to know more about the foreign country, because I thought all of them were bad things. But when I learned English, I started to learn that foreign culture had their charm北京治疗癫痫的医院哪家好.


I like to make friends, when I learn English, I can make friends with people from different countries. I have made friends with people from American and England. Talking with them makes me excited, we share our  culture and have a nice talk. 

我喜欢交朋友,当我学习英语时,我可以和来自不同国家的人交朋友。我已经和来自美国和英国的人交了朋友。与他们交谈让我兴奋,我们分享文化, 聊得很愉快。

English the most widely used language, it is necessary to master it. The passion about English helps me learn English so easily.


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      There are four seasons in a year.The first season is spring. In spring, almost everything comes back to life. The snow begins to melt, the trees sprout and the grass turns green.Spring is warm so that it's a good time to go hiking outdoors. After spring, itis summer. Summer is my favorite season,because I can swim quite often. The third one is autumn. In autumn, the weather is cool and comfortable. Farmers may be the busiest people, because autumn is a time of harvest.Winter is the last season of the year. In winter, the weather is very cold济南哪里看癫痫病好. In the north, it usually snows. Children can play games or make snowmen after snow. It seems very funny. But, because of the cold weather, I don't like winter very much. What's your favorite season


第5篇:自行车——我喜欢的交通方式 My Favorite Transport—Bicycle

    Among all means of transportation, I like bicycle most. It’s cheap as well as popular.


    There are many advantages to ride the bicycle. In the first place, riding bicycle makes me feel independent. I can go anywhere by bicycle. Especially during rush hours, I can still move freely. Secondly, using a bicycle is good for environment protection, because it won't emit any waste gas. Moreover, bicycle riding is also a good sport. While riding a bicycle, I can exercise myself, which is healthful to me.


    In my free time, I often ride my bicycle to get around in the downtown area or in the countryside, so as to relax myself. It's really a nice outdoor activity for me, I think.





  我去到英语班报名。起初,由于对英语的喜爱和冲动,我在英语班学的可认真了,经常得到老师和家长的好评。回家每天都练,总会挤出时间来学;可时间一长,我开始讨厌烦,甚至有时候不去英语班,回到家也不练了。一天,爸爸本来“晴天”的,一下子就变得“乌云密布”,说:“你不应该半途而废。不经一番风霜苦,哪的腊梅吐清香。”我听了,只好听从。来到教室门口,“to perspective unremittingly”从教室里传出来,我走进教室问老师:“这是什么意思?”老师微笑满脸的对我说:“是坚持不懈。”听到这,我脸涨得通红。急忙走到位置坐了下来。果然,功夫不负好心人哪,每次比赛,老师忘不了少不了我。取得的成绩不错,如“金太阳少年英语才艺奖”“广西口语比赛一等奖”等。去年还参加啦北京的“青少年英语全能王竞赛。”爸爸妈妈看到了笑得合不拢嘴。

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